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Mega Power Upgrade Bundle - for Traxxas Xmaxx

Mega Power Upgrade Bundle - for Traxxas Xmaxx

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MEGA POWER BUNDLE. For those pushing their Xmaxx builds to the extreme.

This kit is what you need to add a Castle 2028 or a Hobbywing 56118 motor and ESC combo setup to your Xmaxx.


  • Rotolok heavy duty, easy adjust motor mount
  • Rear motor support brace
  • Spur gear shaft upgrade kit
  • Carbon Fibre Chassis brace / ESC & fan mount

Scorched Parts Rotolok heavy duty motor mount:

The Roto-lok mount offers a step change in motor rigidity. Machined from 7075 T6 aluminium, they have incredible strength. Where other motor mounts support the motor on thin arms, once the rotolok is assembled the parts are locked together and act as a single solid body. Crash tested in our speed car multiple times over 200mph and proven at a world record breaking 219mph!

UNIVERSAL fit for all common upgrade or replacement motors with 25, 25.4 and 30mm motor mount spacing and up to 56mm diameter. (Stock motor does not fit)

Ideal for Hobbywing Max6, Max5 and Castle Creations 17 series and 2028 Motors

With the Rotolok mount, all motors get the extra rigidity of 3 bolt fixing. For powerful motors that weight up to 1kg, we felt that 2 small M4 screws was not enough! 

2 part construction using 4 high tensile steel bolts to give great strength at the critical corner region. 

360 degree hoop clamping of the motor solidly locks in the mesh setting and won’t interfere with mesh setting as you tighten it. Nothing else on the market is as easy to adjust!

Rotational adjustment with vernier adjustment marks gives unmatched precision and control over mesh setting. Adjustment is incredibly easy, fast and precise. 

Big range of adjustment:

1/5th Scale motors: 75 to 98 total tooth count

Up to 4985 size mount motors: 70 to 86 total tooth count

Super Heavy Duty Motor End Support:

For extreme bashing with big 1/5th scale motors, this end support helps take massive impacts without reduced risk to chassis, motor mount and the motor itself.

This support is carefully designed for super easy setting. Just one tool, one screw, easily accessed from the top. No fiddling about. You can do it one handed in seconds!

The support is specially designed to work in conjunction with out RotoLok motor mount. Other support will not work with that mount, and this support won't work with other mounts.

Currently this support is only tested for fit on Castle 2028, Hobbywing 56118, 5690 and TP 5690 motors. It may work with other motors, but please contact us together with the motor dimensions to check.

Carbon Fibre top deck brace & ESC Mount:

High strength and tiny weight, this brace will accept Castle Creations XLX2 and Hobbywing Max 5 ESC's

Specially designed to work with our Rotolok Motor Mount and motor end support brace. Allows mesh adjustment and support adjustment without removal.

Drilled ready to accept 40mm motor fan.

We use our normal outstanding quality of 3k carbon fibre in a satin finish, precision machined with beautifully finished edges.

Spur gear shaft Upgrade:

This set up solves the poorly supported 6mm shaft spur gear setup in two ways. Beefing the shaft up to 8mm in grade 5 Titanium adds a huge chunk of strength and stiffness. The 8mm shaft allows fitment of standard 8mm bore spur gears, both Mod1 and Mod1.5.

The aluminium spur shaft cap then has a trick up it's sleeve. The end of the cap is extended to carry a much bigger bearing and moves the bearing 9mm outwards, greatly shortening the shaft overhang, further strengthening and stiffening the setup.

Greatly reduces the chance for spur gears to be damaged and stripped from shaft flex.

***for use with 8mm bore spur gears only (Available on this site!)***

***Will not work with belt setups***

 Gearing recommendations: We are always being asked about gearing! Everyone has their own preferences, and different experienced people will tell you different things. In our test truck, we have a Castle 2028 1100kv. I run 37/50 Mod1 gears (our own gears, obviously!) This gives a good balance between high speed, drivability, motor heat and amp draw for MY driving style and locations. For an 800kv motor, the same top speed would require perhaps 35/47 gearing, or gears to give the same ratio

Modifying your RC from stock condition can result in unexpected results. Operation of modified models must take this into account. Always follow the original manufacturers instructions. Whilst we build our parts to the highest standards we are able, like all rc parts, our parts cannot be guaranteed for performance, strength and durability in every situation or configuration. Do not use your RC in public areas. Do not use your RC where unexpected results could cause injury or damage to property. High Speed RC’s require GREAT CARE and a responsible attitude to use safely.