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Trident Ball Bearing Titanium Centre Drive Shaft Pair - Both shafts for Arrma Typhon
Trident Ball Bearing Titanium Centre Drive Shaft Pair - Both shafts for Arrma Typhon

Trident Ball Bearing Titanium Centre Drive Shaft Pair - Both shafts for Arrma Typhon

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Trident Ball Bearing front centre drive shaft set for Arrma Typhon

Includes the awesome Trident front shaft and one of our titanium rear shafts.

This development from Scorched Parts is an exciting step up for all Arrma speed runners. After 12 months of design and development we have solved the problem of the Arrma front centre drive shaft.

Proven at over 200mph by many users, right up to the 222mph record, the trident is the only shaft proven to survive high speed runs over and over again.

The kick up in the arrma chassis created 2 problems for people running very high speed Arrmas.
The first is uneven drive speed to the front wheels. Dog bones act in a similar way to universal joints, which introduce accelerations to the shaft speed when there is an angle. This can’t be good on many levels. Look up universal joint shaft velocity to fully appreciate this issue.
The second, big problem is friction. Because of the angle, the dog bone pin slides backwards and forwards in the cup, under load, at something like 500 cycles per second (!). This soaks up energy, creates heat and rapid wear at high speed. Pins will get extremely hot. This is often visually evident with pins going blue from the heat. The shaft, cup and pin all suffer, and as every high speed arrma builder has found, the front pin will rapidly wear and fail. We’ve seen pins try to friction weld themselves to the cup.
It took a long time to realise the source of the problem and create a ‘drop in’ solution, and we invested a lot of development to get it working right and tested to the highest speeds.

The special hardened steel TRIDENT drive cup is very hard, and strong having been developed using Finite Element Analysis. The cup also has dual grub screws to better suit D-Safe / GP5 type input shafts.

So, introducing the Scorched Parts TRIDENT ball bearing centre drive shaft!

True constant velocity

Three ball race bearings taking the load

Almost zero friction losses!

Direct replacement for all standard 114mm / 116 shafts

Hardened steel TRIDENT drive cup

This shaft arrangement has been tested and proven in our own build, with many 200mph runs, plus James Mccoy, the current world record holder has been part of the test team, successfully running this shaft at 222mph with great results. We’ve experienced NO significant wear or damage during testing. For those running true high speed, this will be recognised as a big step forward.

During testing, we have also found that the life of the small front diff input bearing has been improved. We're not exactly sure why that it, but it has been an observation.

The kit comes with a spare set of bearings and screws.


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