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Steel Turnbuckle M5x65mm Silver (2) ARA330664  (Mojave Rear)

Steel Turnbuckle M5x65mm Silver (2) ARA330664 (Mojave Rear)

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These high-strength Steel Turnbuckles are the perfect replacement part for your ARRMA vehicle

Steel Turnbuckle M5x65mm Silver (2) Features:

Machined from a high-grade heavy-duty steel material - Durable silver surface finish adds cool ARRMA looks to your vehicle - M5 threads at each end, one with a left-hand thread and the other with a right-hand thread, allow for suspension geometry adjustment without removal from the vehicle - 5mm square section in the center of the turnbuckle for adjustment wrench fit

Steel Turnbuckle M5x65mm Silver (2) Includes:

2 x Steel Turnbuckle M5 x 65mm (Silver)