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AC Input20W Power2ACompatible Chemistries

Overlander's NX-20 Charger is our simplest NiMH/NiCd charger! With a 20watt output and 2A charge rate, this compact charger is perfect for those just starting out in the hobby.  


4-8S NiMH/NiCd

The NX-20 charger charges 4 – 8 cell (4.8V – 9.6V) NiMH and NiCd batteries; making it perfect for all your various receiver, transmitter and power packs.


Tamiya Connector

It comes ready fitted with the tamiya style connector ideal for a quick and easy charging set up.


Stop/Start Button

This mains operated charger stops the charging process automatically once the battery is fully charged. The simple LED light design clearly indicates what stage of the charging process you are at – red light indicates the charging process and green light indicates completion – it can't get much easier!


Charging Process

Charging with the NX-20 is extremely easy! Within a few simple steps the charger is ready to do all the hard work for you. The LED lights show the status of the charge and all charge functions automatically cut-off once the process is complete, minimising the risk of human error.  


NiMH Charging Process


Overlander BatteriesAll of Overlander's own-brand chargers are fully designed with the end user in mind. The simple but excessive capabilities that are offered are all programmed with the upmost care and fulfilment. Thus making them the most user friendly and easily navigational chargers there are!


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