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Hobbywing EZRUN MAX5 HV 12S G2 ESC Speed Control Waterproof

Hobbywing EZRUN MAX5 HV 12S G2 ESC Speed Control Waterproof

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12S HV ESC, enhanced performance

The Max5 HV G2 ESC is designed to work in full-sensored mode at all times when it is paired with HOBBYWING EZRUN 56118 G2. The ESC supports up to 12s Lipo with a maximum output current of up to 250A. The strong explosive,stable output power, together with an excellent low-speed linearity, ensures the ESC meets various application requirements such as, violent start-up,straight-line high-speed, flying slopes, low-speed walking, etc.

Intelligent freewheeling technology, strong drive low temperatures

The innovative intelligent freewheeling technology effectively reduces heat generation and enables the ESC to have higher driving efficiency. With the addition of super-high power design, operating temperature is drastically lowered (approximately 30 degrees) to improve overall stability and reliability of the ESC.

Note: Under heavy load conditions, the temperature of MAX5 HV G2 is only slightly higher than that of MAX4 HV.

High protection level, all-weather operation

The IP-67 waterproof rating guarantees excellent waterproof and dustproof protection. The whole power system is able to drive on a variety of surfaces including mud, sand, ice, snow and water without damaging the power unit.

Note: The IP67 protection level mentioned above is splash-resistant, water-resistant and dust-resistant under normal use, and splash, water and dust resistance are not permanently effective, and the level of protection may decline due to aging. Do not soak for a long time to avoid damaging the product.

1/5th scale power system Turbo timing technology

The ESC is able to support up to 24 degrees of Turbo Timing adjustment. There is an approximate of 18% increase in performance and is recommended to pair with the new HOBBYWING EzRun 56118 SD G2 motors to get the best performance.

Note: For non-Hobbywing EzRun 56118 G2 motors, Turbo timing cannot be turned on

Capacitor upgrade, more secure protection

Compared with the previous generation (MAX5 ESC), the total capacity of the capacitor has increased by 45% (1260uF). The super large capacity ensures that 5th scale models do not need external capacitors. In addition, the built-in capacitor thermal protection function of the ESC is always in safe operating state.

The total capacitance of the capacitor has increased by 45%.

Powerful BEC

The ESC has a built-in super BEC with a maximum output current of up to 25A. The output voltages are switchable between 6V/7.4V/8.4V. This ensures that the ESC is able to support the demanding high-torque servos in the market.

With a maximum output current of up to 25A. The output voltages are switchable between 6V/7.4V/8.4V.

Built-in anti-spark design, multi-directional protection

The ESC has a built-in anti-spark circuit to protect the battery plug from damaging upon ucsing a higher voltage battery(6-12S), and avoids any injuries.

Perfect combination with EZRUN 56118 SD G2 motor

Achieve the perfect compatibility when used together with EzRun 56118 SD G2 motors. Avoid damaging the motor from overheating with the software protection function.

Note: Non-Hobbywing EzRun 56118 SD G2 motors cannot realize motor overheat protection

Record and store data in real time to keep track of the running status

Connect the ESC to the OTA Bluetooth module, and through the mobile phone APP, you are able to view real-time data and operating status such as; throttle, voltage, current, temperature, speed, etc.

Note: Due to the Bluetooth transmission distance, the effective distance is only about 5m!

New sensor wire interface, upgraded waterproof protection

The new sensor wire interface enhances the ESC protection level and solves waterproof problems faced by traditional interfaces.

Please Note: This ESC supports sensored motors with common interfaces. Sensor wire needs to be purchased separately!


  • The ESC uses a special process, coupled with an innovative waterproof design, to increase waterproofing and dust-proofing performance in different climates. It is easy to deal with the harsh conditions containing sediment, ice and snow, water accumulation.
  • Built-in ultra-powerful switch mode BEC with a continuous current of 8A, an instant 25A, and support for 6V/7.4V/8.4V switching, supporting a wide range of powerful and high-voltage servos.
  • Supports turbo timing setting, the timing response is remarkable when used with the matching motor(such as EZRUN 56118SD G2 Sensored brushless motor).
  • Multiple protection functions: battery low voltage protection, ESC and motor overheat protection, signal loss protection, current protection.
  • Supports LED program card, LCD G2 program box, OTA programmer (Note: optional) to set the parameters of the ESC.
  • Data logging function to view various running data on the HW LINK app using the OTA Bluetooth module.
  • Supports the firmware upgrade of the ESC (The multi-function LCD G2 program box or OTA Programmer is needed to purchase), you can enjoy the latest functions


  • Cont./Peak Current: 250A/1600A
  • Input Voltage: 6-12S Lipo
  • BEC Output: 6V/7.4V/8.4V adjustable, continuous current 8A (Switch-mode)

Wires & Connectors

  • Input Wires: Black-8AWG-200MMmm*1/Red-8AWG-200MMmm*1
  • Input Connectors: 8.0mm Bullet Connectors (Female)

Size & Weight

  • Size: 94.5*59.4*50.9mm
  • Weight: 428.5g (Included input wires)


  • Motors: Sensored / Sensorless Brushless Motor
  • Vehicles: 1/5th Buggy, Truck
  • KV Rating/T Count: 56118 size motor


  • 1 x Ezrun MAX5 G2 ESC
  • 3 x 10 AWG, 200C Black wires for a brushless motor 
  • 1 x Extra set of 8 AWG 200C RED power wire
  • 1 x Extra set of 10 AWG 200C Black power wire 
  • 1 x Double side tape 
  • 2 x Heat shrink tube
  • User's manual 
  • A HOBBYWING decal