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Hobbywing 56118SD 800kV Black G2 Motor
Hobbywing 56118SD 800kV Black G2 Motor

Hobbywing 56118SD 800kV Black G2 Motor

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EzRun 56118 SD G2 Sensored Brushless Motor

Sensored mode,enhanced performance
The motor is strong, explosive, and has a stable output power with an excellent linearity at low speed to allow the vehicle to easily realize various manoeuvres. The control is easy when there power is limitless be it violent start-up, straight-line high-speed, flying slopes, etc.

Perfect match for EzRun MAX5 HV G2 ESC
The motor achieves perfect compatibility when used together with the EzRun MAX5 HV G2 ESC. The ESC/Motor combination is sensored and provides a smooth and percise control experience to the users. It is equipped with overheat thermal protection function to avoid overheating the motor.

High protection level, all-weather operation
IP67 Rating provides, excellent waterproof and dustproof performance, and can easily cope with various weather conditions and harsh environments.
Note: The IP67 protection level mentioned above is splash-resistant, water-resistant and dust-resistant under normal use, and splash, water and dust resistance are not permanently effective, and the level of protection may decline due to aging. Do not soak for a long time to avoid damaging the product.

New sensor wire interface, upgraded waterproof protection
The new sensor wire interface enhances the motor protection level and solves waterproof problems faced by traditional interfaces.

Detachable module design for easy maintenance
The motor adopts a modular detachable structure design, which is convenient for daily cleaning and maintenance, effectively prolonging the service life of the motor and maintaining the working efficiency of the motor.

A variety of KV values,you can choose
There are three options of 650KV 800KV 1100KV to choose from. Find the ideal KV to suit the size of different terrains.

The materials are checked layer by layer to ensure durability and provide excellent performance for the motor.


  • Scale - 1/5th
  • Brushed/Brushless - BL
  • Sensored/Sensorless - SD
  • Pole Count - 4
  • KV Rating - 1100KV
  • LiPo - 8-12s
  • No-load Current(A) - 5.5A
  • O.D. (mm) - 56
  • Length (mm) - 119.2
  • Shaft Diameter (mm) - 8
  • Weight (g) - 1287
  • Front Bearing - D22*D8*T7
  • Rear Bearing - D19*D8*T6
  • Applications - 1/5th, Buggy, Truck
  • Examples: Losi DBXL-E, Losi 5T Electrified