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Titanium Centre Spool -  for Hobao VTE2
Titanium Centre Spool -  for Hobao VTE2
Titanium Centre Spool -  for Hobao VTE2
Titanium Centre Spool -  for Hobao VTE2

Titanium Centre Spool - for Hobao VTE2

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Centre drive spool set Hobao VTE2

Includes grade 5 titanium center spool shaft, two 6mm bore hardened steel drive cups, two hybrid ceramic bearing and 5 piece spur gear spacers.

Spool shaft is 8mm diameter to take standard 8mm bore spur gears (NOT INCLUDED!). The 5 piece spacers are designed to give a few spacing options including Arrma or Saga spur gears. Other spur gears may be different widths and may require different spacers.

Please be aware that this is NOT a direct fit for non VTE2 models. The spool is longer than a stock centre diff - the shafts will be too long! We have a dedicated VTE shaft and spool kit.

Like other drive components, these require degreasing and application of high strength loctite (including on the drive cup bore) if you want them to stay together.

Bearings are usually supplied oiled, but please check and oil them yourself. The oil that comes in them is quite thick. The bearings spin freely when dry or with very light oil. We sell an oil and hand applicator elsewhere on this website.

Modifying your RC from stock condition can result in unexpected results. Operation of modified models must take this into account. Always follow the original manufacturers instructions. Whilst we build our parts to the highest standards we are able, like all rc parts, our parts cannot be guaranteed for performance, strength and durability in every situation or configuration. Do not use your RC in public areas. Do not use your RC where unexpected results could cause injury or damage to property. High Speed RC’s require GREAT CARE and a responsible attitude to use safely.