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FlySky FGr8B 2.4GHz 8CH AFHDS 3 PWM/PPM/i-bus Receiver
FlySky FGr8B 2.4GHz 8CH AFHDS 3 PWM/PPM/i-bus Receiver
FlySky FGr8B 2.4GHz 8CH AFHDS 3 PWM/PPM/i-bus Receiver

FlySky FGr8B 2.4GHz 8CH AFHDS 3 PWM/PPM/i-bus Receiver

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The FGr8B receiver adopts Flysky's third-generation automatic frequency hopping digital system (AFHDS 3). It uses a single-antenna bidirectional transmission system and is uniquely designed to install and output PWM/PPM/ i-bus in signals. It supports all AFHDS3 transmitters and RF modules.


  • Brand Name: FlySky
  • Item Name: FGr8B Receiver
  • Model: FGr8B
  • Weight: 9.4g
  • Dimensions: 35*23.3*13.3mm
  • RF: 2.4GHz
  • 2.4G Protocol: AFHDS 3
  • Antenna: Single Antenna
  • Input Power: 3.5-9V
  • RSSI: Support
  • Data Output: PWM\PPM\i-bus in
  • Temperature Range: -10℃—+60℃
  • Humidity Limit: 20%-95%
  • Online Update: Yes
  • PWM Channels: 7/8 (Simply update your RX via the Transmitter to Unlock 8ch PWM, if your RX is not updated)
  • Certification: CE, FCC ID: N4ZFGR8B
  • The FGr8B receiver is compatible with all AFHDS 3 transmitters and RF modules (including PL18, NB4, NB4 Lite, FRM302 etc.)


  1. Press and hold the receiver BIND button [11] while powering on the receiver, release the BIND button after the receiver is powered on, the LED [12] on the receiver will flash rapidly;
  2. Put the transmitter into bind mode;
  3. The binding process is complete when the LED on the receiver stops flashing and is on continuously.
  4. If a transmitter that has had its radio frequency (RF Standard) set to “AFHDS3 1 way” (please refer to your transmitter user manual) enters bind mode, the receiver LED will instead flash slowly. Exit bind mode on the transmitter and if the receiver LED stops flashing and is on continuously, the binding process is complete.
  5. Check to make sure the transmitter and receiver functions are working correctly, repeat steps 1 to 3 (binding process) if any problems arise.

Forced update:

If after a firmware update is performed and the transmitter is unable to bind to the receiver, the receiver may need to be put into forced update times.

  1. Power on the receiver while pressing the BIND button [11] for then approximately ten seconds until the LED [12] flashes three times, release the BIND button.
  2. Go to the RX Setup menu on your transmitter and select “RX Update”.
  3. When the receiver LED flashes slowly, the update is successful.


This function protects your vehicle by preventing unexpected behaviours in cases of signal loss.

  1. Users should always input Fail-Safe parameters before operating their vehicles. If the Fail-Safe function has not been set on the transmitter and signal loss occurs, the receiver will continue to operate and maintain all output value at the last received instructions from the transmitter. If the Fail-Safe parameters on the transmitter have been set, the receiver will set output values according to user parameters during signal loss.

Package Included:

  • 1 x FGr8B Receiver