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Carbon Fibre Drill and Countersink Kit - For M3 and M4 screws

Carbon Fibre Drill and Countersink Kit - For M3 and M4 screws

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Drilling carbon fibre is relatively easy, but it is hard on cutting edges, and many cheap countersinks struggle to give clean, round holes.

Set includes 3mm and 4mm HSS drills, plus a 90 degree HSS countersink cutter.

These HSS cutting tools are tried and tested to give good results at a sensible price. We use solid carbide on our machines, but the price of these is not suitable for making just a few holes. These are proper high quality engineering grade HSS drills - very different from the cheapo gold coloured drills you see everywhere that struggle to drill anything harder than wood! The countersink is a cost effective HSS tool thats good for cutting many holes before it’s worn. Some countersinks that we tested were unusable after just 3 holes!

It’s possible to drill and countersinks using a hand drill, but keeping the countersinks angle perfectly correct is tricky. We recommend using a drill press if at all possible.

We recommend using masking tape on the surface of the carbon to mark out and help the drill stay on the mark. Always drill from the non-countersink side - the countersink will remove any splintered edges. Always use a piece of wood at the back to help stop the drill splintering the carbon as it breaks through (especially important as the drill wears). Always break through as slowly as possible.