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Titanium Centre Drive Shaft Pair - for Arrma Limitless V2

Titanium Centre Drive Shaft Pair - for Arrma Limitless V2

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The original Titanium shaft. Some try to follow, but Scorched Parts will always lead!

Super strong, super rigid, super bling. Arrma tough Plus! Beware of copies.

Our renown ti-6al-4v (grade 5) titanium dog bone shafts have been developed over 2 years with some of the fastest builders in the world using them. These are fully CNC machined shafts with the main diameter of the front shaft tuned to 7mm diameter to save weight and increase clearance - it's not just a plain 8mm bar. The rear shaft is machined to 8mm. 40% lighter than a similarly sized steel shaft. Our specially sourced pins are top quality hardened and tempered high carbon steel, not just cheap stock dowels.

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