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Titanium Chassis - for Arrma 6s Talion V3 and V4
Titanium Chassis - for Arrma 6s Talion V3 and V4
Titanium Chassis - for Arrma 6s Talion V3 and V4

Titanium Chassis - for Arrma 6s Talion V3 and V4

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A super tough chassis for super tough trucks - the ultimate bashers choice. Arrma tough PLUS!

Please allow  up to 1 week for dispatch! I'm super busy at this time.

Built of 3mm ti 6al-4v, it gives you unparalleled strength and durability to weight. Three times stronger than 6061 aluminium and almost twice as strong as 7075.

This chassis is around 20% stiffer than the stock chassis. This means the chassis will still flex to absorb impacts but will still tauten handling and response.

This is a direct replacement. All standard fixings can be re-used.

Additional expensive skid plates or droop screw stops are not required - the titanium is tough and isn’t going to wear down like aluminium. Taking this into account, the Titanium is the strongest, and also most cost effective choice.

At 590g it is lighter than some other aftermarket chassis whilst making no sacrifice of durability.

A really fun thing also happens - the titanium will give a shower of sparks when it catches hard surfaces! 

Material Properties Comparison 

Titanium Ti-6Al-4V

Density    4.43 g/cc

Tensile strength to yeild 880 Mpa

Modulas of elasticity   113.8 GPa


Aluminium 6061-T6

Density    2.7 g/cc

Tensile strength to yeild 276 Mpa

Modulas of elasticity   68.9 GPa


Aluminium 7075-T6

Density    2.81 g/cc

Tensile strength to yeild 503 Mpa

Modulas of elasticity   71.7 GPa

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