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Arrma Differential Coupler / Diff Cup / Drive Cup Pair (5mm output to 8mm shaft ball end)

Arrma Differential Coupler / Diff Cup / Drive Cup Pair (5mm output to 8mm shaft ball end)

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High quality hardened steel drive cups to fit 5mm shafts.

These are a new, complete redesign of our cups (March ‘22), with many small improvements all leading to harder, stronger cups that will provide a better interface with the shafts.

Specially designed for the Scorched Parts diff locker with reduced shoulder diameter to clear the diff housing.

Also suitable for centre drive shaft to front or rear diff coupling.

Not ideally suited for V2 'Safe D' GP5 type pinon shafts, but we are aware that some folks are running them. Lots of loctite in the bore is recommended!

This item include 2 x parts

Please de-grease parts and assemble with high strength Loctite, including in the bore. Loctite 271 is recommended. 


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