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Arrma ADS-15M V2 15kg Waterproof Servo Z-AR390139

Arrma ADS-15M V2 15kg Waterproof Servo Z-AR390139

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The ADS-15M V2 Servo is designed to give you fast and precise steering. Resilient to the elements and built from hard-wearing materials.


  • Case – Red, Water-proof & dust-proof
  • Bearing – Dual ball bearing
  • Connector – ‘Futaba style’ 3 pin connector
  • Gears – Metal
  • Spline – 25 Tooth
  • Dimensions: 40mm x 38mm x 20mm (Excluding mounting tabs), Industry Standard size
  • Wire length: 300mm
  • Torque – ADS-15M: 15kg/cm (208oz/inch) at 7.2V
  • Speed – 0.16 sec/0.14 sec 6V/7.2V
  • Signal – Analogue