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Arrma 6s Titanium Shock Towers - Typhon

Arrma 6s Titanium Shock Towers - Typhon

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Scorched Parts Shock Towers are a great choice for your truck offering unparalleled strength and durability to weight ratio.

Made from Titanium alloy in grade 6al-4V which is over three times stronger than the stock 6061 aluminium and almost twice as strong as 7075 aluminium

Now in an unbreakable 4mm thickness these towers are made for brutal use and abuse.

Weight: Front 36g Rear 59g


Modifying your RC from stock condition can result in unexpected performance and operation of models must take this into account. Always follow the original manufacturers instructions. Do not use your RC in public areas. Do not use your RC where unexpected results could cause injury or damage to property. Whilst we build our parts to the highest standards we are able, like all rc parts, our parts cannot be guaranteed for performance, strength and durability in every situation or configuration. We always work with our customers to replace components in the unlikely event that they fall short of the high standards we aim for.