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  • Fun time testing Titanium
  • Arrma Senton Inner Fenders

    Our new design is progressing well!
  • Slash 2WD Owners!

    Traxxas Slash 2WD Inner Fenders - mold tools due in this week - part hopefully testing by the weekend. Just like our other inner fenders, these wer...
  • Cooling down

    Seems like people are starting to dial in to the range of great value Scorched Parts esc fans - they are flying out the door this week.
  • High tech... sometimes the old and simple ways are best.

    We love our technology at Scorched Parts, whether its 3D laser scanning, cnc machining or 3D printing, but sometimes a little bit of oldskool engin...
  • First full batch of titanium

    Titanium blanks all cut and ready to go... a lot of work yet.