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Carbon Fibre Chassis Standard Width - Limitless - special order

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Scorched Parts unique Carbon Fibre and 7075 Chassis.

This is a ‘drop in’ replacement for the stock chassis. Everything swaps over simply and easily.

This latest version has a 4mm base giving a nice compromise between stiffness to resist torque twist and overall weight. End sections are 7075 T6 aluminium to minimise the mass of those parts

Includes correct chassis ‘kick up’ at the front to maintain correct steering geometry.

Utilising a composite construction with 7075 end pieces to take the high loads. No problems with droop screws or weakness in thin sections.

Made from 4mm top quality Toray 3k carbon fibre, providing fantastic strength to weight ratio. Precision machining for a perfect fit and a high quality satin finish. 

GT Width chassis also available.

Check out our awesome battery strap mounts that enable custom battery positioning!

Not compatible with handbrake module without modification

Modifying your RC from stock condition can result in unexpected results. Operation of modified models must take this into account. Always follow the original manufacturers instructions. Whilst we build our parts to the highest standards we are able, like all rc parts, our parts cannot be guaranteed for performance, strength and durability in every situation or configuration. Do not use your RC in public areas. Do not use your RC where unexpected results could cause injury or damage to property. High Speed RC’s require GREAT CARE and a responsible attitude to use safely.